The mindless scrolling of real estate sites is oftentimes quite uneventful but sometimes you stumble upon a house that takes your breath away. Wilhelmsberg in Gothenburg is just that. Built in a rather unusual Neo renaissance-is style from 1868 by the cities head architect Victor von Gegerfelt. A mini castle with 22 rooms. Originally built for a merchant, who made his fortune in tobacco, as a little summer get away.

This amazing house was nearly demolished in the 1960s after being uninhabited on and off for years!

If I lived here I would do nothing but waltz around in my silk kimono sipping champagne, just saying.

The details!

Also, I would invest in a comfy arm chair placed just here where I would sit and read my WH Auden whilst maybe switching before mentioned champagne for some tea.

The inspiration for Wilhelmsberg was apparently a castle in Normandie.

Post card from 1906.

I’ll close this swoon-fest with Gegerfelts most famous work, the fish and shellfish market Feskekörka from 1874, literally the fish church.

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