Palazzo Chupi

This morning, while quietly ignoring the dishes awaiting in the kitchen, I’ve been in a feverish pinterest-wikipedia-google rabbit hole researching the wonder that is Palazzo Chupi. The building has been on my radar, but not as much more than a distant blip on the architectural map. However, after spending last night in front of the documentary about the buildings father, the artist Julian Schnabel, it is all I can think about. A venetian palace on top of a building in Greenwich village, NY. It is weird and wonderful and not a little bit magical. It contains five apartments, one inhabited by Richard Gere at one point and Julians son, the art dealer Vito Schnabel, lives in another. Julian Schnabel’s art studio (I think its the very same as is seen in the artists directory debut Basquiat from 1996- one of my favorite movies by the way, woah this is a long parenthesis ) is situated in the original building, an old stable. The house is named after a lollipop and Chupi is apparently the artists nick name for his former wife (he’s had a few). Names seems to be a big deal for Julian. Since you can draw a direct lineage from Cy Twombly to Schnabels artistry it’s no wonder one of his sons is named Cy. And my favorite, the spitting image of his father; Vito, The godfather of course being one of Julians favorite movies as stated in the documentary. A well produced and enjoyable watch by the way, albeit a not very objective or critical one, produced by the artist himself as it turns out. But now, no more side notes, just enjoy the following images. You’re welcome.

Ah sigh!

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