My very own little country side hotel

In a world far far away in time, before climate change and evil viruses, you could do something marvelous, you could travel. In honor of that by gone era, I’ve allowed myself one of my very favorite daydreams. The one where my title is Madame Hotelier. Today I’m planning how my new 21 room hotel, located in the Occitan region in the south west of France, will take shape.

On the outside, I needn’t change much. The renaissance facade with its turrets and the surrounding lush grounds is picture perfect.

Some of the existing rooms are lovely and need no change either. With this gem of a room as a starting point I’m thinking that I want all the rooms to feel exclusive but relaxed, like a worn in pair of merino wool lined slippers. If that makes at all sense.

In this room I see a bar lounge with the feel of Soho House Istanbul or that gentlemens club were Meryl Streep was ignored in Out of Africa.

Away with those striped yellow walls and hello to “a Negroni please”.

So, would you come stay at my hotel?

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